Free Clothing Exchange

Keep Your Style. Change Your Clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions


YEP. We are an all volunteer organization and would love it if you could lend a hand. The simplest way to help is to attend an exchange, stick around, greet people and help fold and organize the clothing donations.

If you'd like to help out on an ongoing basis, or be notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities, sign up for the FCE Volunteer Mailing List. Thanks!

Can I arrive early and exchange before the official start time?

NOPE. Because we hold this event in borrowed spaces, we only have an hour or so to get everything set up. We need that full uninterrupted hour or else we won't be ready when the doors open. Thank you for your patience while we get everything ready for you!

Can I drop off clothing donations ahead of time?

NOPE. We depend on your help to hang your own donated clothes on the racks. If you leave a bag of clothes on the doorstep before we open the doors, there will be a pile of clothes with no one to hang it! Please plan to bring your clothes only during the open hours of the event. Thanks!

Can I donate non-clothing items?

NOPE. At this time the Free Clothing Exchange is dealing solely in clothing and footwear.

Do I have to donate in order to get some new duds?

NOPE. The Free Clothing Exchange is FREE, regardless of whether you have any clothes to donate that day. 

I have some damaged or dirty clothes. Can I donate them?

NOPE. Make some curtains, perhaps a table runner, maybe soak them in kerosene and make some torches for exploring catacombs, but please don't bring them to the clothing exchange.

What do you do with left over clothes?

GLAD YOU ASKED. We store the best clothes for use in upcoming exchanges. However, if we find that certain items haven't been selected after 1-2 exchanges then we'll donate those clothes to other local charities and/or organizations that will recycle the clothes into other useful things.