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Looking Ahead To The Spring 2017 Free Clothing Exchange

Zack Stack
Friendly Exchange volunteers met up at FCE HQ back on March 7th to do some much-needed pre-spring cleaning in preparation for the April 2nd exchange.

Friendly Exchange volunteers met up at FCE HQ back on March 7th to do some much-needed pre-spring cleaning in preparation for the April 2nd exchange.


Spring is here. That just feels good to say. So does this: the Spring 2017 Free Clothing Exchange is right around the corner on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017.

To help prepare for the the Spring exchange, a handful of Friendly Exchangers recently met up at FCE-HQ, as we like to call it, but it's really just our storage space, to do some serious organizational shtuff.

We cleaned. We culled. We organized. We upgraded. All to prep for the Spring event. Just look at the photo above. That's when we started. It's almost hard to find the people amongst the clothes. Man, I'm really wishing I'd taken an after photo now…note to self.


  1. BETTER CURATED SELECTION: We culled any damaged/soiled items* that we came across and set aside the cold weather clothes in order to feature a Spring- and Summer-focused selection at the Spring event.
  2. BINS FOR BABY CLOTHES: We have tons of newborn-to-toddler-sized clothes, which we always end up in piles spread out across two large tables. Two problems with this: it takes three hours to set them all out - our event's only two hours - and they're difficult to sort through. Well, nuts to that! This time around we've used a bit of our grant money to purchase six bins for the baby-to-toddler items. This, we hope will reduce the set up time, make browsing them easier and keep them fresher while being stored between events.
  3. MORE WOMEN'S PLUS-SIZED CLOTHES: You spoke, we listened and God provided. FCE was gifted a cash of plus-sized items from a friend down in Salem shortly after the Winter event. We've taken the best of these items and added them to the racks for the Spring exchange.

We're always looking for ways to make our quarterly event better for all our Friendly Exchangers out there. If you have any suggestions, please don't keep them to yourself. Let us know


  • CHILDREN'S SCHOOL CLOTHES:  We have several families who use the FCE as a resource to find school clothes for their children. If you have some school-worthy children's clothes that you'd be proud to pass along, please bring them with you to the next exchange.

If you're excited for the upcoming Spring clothing exchange, know that we are too.

Mark your calendar app, start setting aside clothes to exchange**, and bring a friend! We'll see you at Kenton Church, from 2-4pm on Sunday, April 2nd!

Volunteer at the upcoming Free Clothing Exchange! Use our SignUpGenius list to sign up online. Thx!

*Damaged/Soiled Donations are recycled whenever possible.

**You never have to bring clothes to receive at the Free Clothing Exchange. Everyone is welcome.