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New Location For The 2016 Summer Exchange

Zack Stack
This summer's Free Clothing Exchange will be hosted at  Kenton Church: 2115 N Lombard Street - 97217.

This summer's Free Clothing Exchange will be hosted at Kenton Church: 2115 N Lombard Street - 97217.

As many of you know who follow and participate in the Free Clothing Exchange, we are an all volunteer, donation-based organization that exists to help meet the clothing needs of our neighbors in North Portland…and have some fun and make some new friends as we go.

You may also be aware that finding a consistent host for the Exchange has been our greatest logistical challenge to date. So we were naturally bummed when, after the successful relaunch of the FCE in April of this year, we were told that once again we'd have to look for a new location to host us. Mostly because we want to see our quarterly event grow and we know that happens best when we have consistent and accessible location.

So in May we began the search for a new location for the Free Clothing Exchange. But really, since we had no leads, we started praying. Then, our own Ginny Miller, started making some calls. Well, one call actually…to the closest church to our previous location: Kenton Church - just three blocks west on North Lombard from De La Salle.

Pastor Alan picked up the phone and, after hearing about our clothing exchange, he said he'd be happy to offer us use of their church's basement meeting space. So, a week later, Ginny, Jenny and I went to scope out the space and meet Pastor Alan.

Let me tell you, the space is perfect. Small enough to socialize, yet big enough for our little exchange to grow. It even has an elevator for any folks with mobility issues. 

The best part is Pastor Alan believes in our mission and has offered the Free Clothing Exchange a consistent space to hold our quarterly exchanges.

We trusted God to provide a place where the FCE would be able to meet quarterly, would have room to grow and would be easily accessible via public transit. All this and if you could make it free, God…that would be just fantastic.

And God provided just the space, so we are very excited to announce that we've partnered with the wonderful, generous folks at Kenton Church. I'll be darned if you aren't the best, God.

So come and celebrate with us on Sunday, June 26th from 2-4pm for the Summer 2016 Free Clothing Exchange! Bring your friends, grab some clothes and help us make the summer exchange the best one yet!

Here's the address for the new location: 2115 N Lombard Street - 97217

FIND YOUR WAY TO KENTON CHURCH on Sunday, June 26th, 2016