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Small, But Mighty: Winter Exchange Wrap Up

Zack Stack
Small, but mighty. That's how you could describe the Winter Free Clothing Exchange. 

Small, but mighty. That's how you could describe the Winter Free Clothing Exchange. 

22 Households, 36 Individuals, 19 First Timers, 105 Pairs of Socks and 8 Amazing Volunteers High Fived at Your Winter Free Clothing Exchange

After emerging from a blanket of snow and a sheet of ice and having to reschedule the event at the last minute, we still managed to have ourselves a great Winter Exchange. The sun even made a brief cameo in the basement of the Kenton Church.

By my count, 22 Households36 Individuals, 19 1st-Timers and 8 amazing volunteers participated.

19 1st-time exchangers! If you were one of them, we were so stoked that you made it. We hope that you were blessed and will be back on April 2nd for the spring edition of Free Clothing Exchange.

Thanks to the generosity of a Life Group from Mosaic North, we were also able to purchase 120 pairs of brand new socks, of which we gave away 105. The 15 pairs that were left went with our exchange superstar Rita down to a camp under the Burnside Bridge. Rita you're awesome!

In addition to meeting some of the immediate clothing needs that the winter season brings, I heard a number a folks mention throughout the event that they had job interviews or new jobs starting that week that they had no appropriate attire for until attending the exchange.

Thank you so much for your time. My teenage daughter just got her first job and was able to get clothes for her job.
— Reanne J.

As we look forward to the Spring Free Clothing Exchange on April 2nd, your friendly Free Clothing Exchange Team is always looking for ways to make the event better and improve the quality of the clothing that you'll find on our racks.

As our volunteer force grows, one idea that we're looking into is the possibility of adding two more exchanges to the calendar each year - going from four to six exchange events every year. Yes. No. Maybe? Let us know if more frequent exchanges is something you'd be into.

Remember, this event is as much yours as it is ours, so if you have an idea that you think will improve the event don't hold it in. Let us know

I love to have a place to bring our gently-used clothes…a place that will bless our direct community. Thank you!
— Sheelagh C.

I'll leave you with this…

A woman pulled a pair of pants off a rack that had been mine. She held them up for her husband to inspect and asked him, "How about these, Honey?"

He glanced briefly at the gray pants - eyeing the built-in belt and zippers at the knees that allowed them to quickly convert into shorts should the temperature rise and the situation call for it - before responding with, "No, those are clearly women's pants."

Having overheard and feeling the need to speak up for my former pants, I interjected, "Actually, those were my pants, and they're really great for hiking!"

He looked me over once or twice with the same scrutiny he had given the pants. His mind seemingly changed, "Fine, I'll take them," he said before adding, "for lounging around the house."

It had never occurred to me that they just might have been the perfect lounging pants. 

Whatever you do with the clothes you take away from an exchange, be it lounge wear or a new outfit for an upcoming job interview, we know you'll give them a good home and pass the blessing along.

See you in the spring, Friendly Exchangers!